Round Riveted Aluminum Chain Mail Collar Small

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Round Riveted Aluminum Chain Mail Collar Small

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Light Weight Round Riveted Chain Mail Collar in Zig-Zag design. (NOTE: Zig-Zag design is only in front since this is a small length collar) Made from 16 Gauge 10 MM using original aluminum rings dome riveted, very simple and sleek design a perfect look to your medieval costume. Stitched with original leather using single brass buckle at the back of the neck which will never rust.

Neck Circumference: 18 inches
Length: 6-7 inches

We are offering 2 finish to choose for your collar, a dark original aluminum look (aluminum without anodizing leaves residue and requires regular cleaning) OR a second option at a very minimal cost for silver anodized finish. You can make your collar more attractive by adding original round riveted brass chain mail rings at the bottom row, please note that brass rings will be added to match primary finish of the collar. If aluminum is anodized then lacquered finish brass rings will be added else original finish. 

Add your own modifications to this collar i.e length, design, ring size? write us at

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