Mini Comb Morion Helmets

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Mini Comb Morion Helmets

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This Mini Comb Morion is a miniature version of our full size Comb Morion Helmet we also have a fully wearable version for sale on our website. Shaped like a boat with deep skull and a broad brim that sweeps upward to a peak at front and rear. These helmets were worn all over Europe in the 16th century and are most often associated with Spanish Conquistadors. Perfect for gifting & can also be used as a decorative item.

Material: Mild Steel with Brass ordination
Front to Back : 7 cm
Ear to Ear: 7 cm
Approx. Height : 11 cm
Hand crafted from steel and brass
Helmet Stand: 1 pcs included
Quantity: Total 5 pcs and 5 wooden stand in the box

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