Medieval Peaked Morion Helmet Strong 16 Gauge Steel

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  • Product Code: Medieval Polish Hussar Helmet 16 Gauge Strong Steel
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Medieval Peaked Morion Helmet Strong 16 Gauge Steel

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Peaked Morion helmet with leather liner. The Morion is an open helmet which was developed in the 16th century. It is based on the late-medieval kettle hat. These helmets were mainly used by foot soldiers and pikemen, later also by household troops and town watches. Still the bodyguards of the Pope, the Swiss Guards are wearing Morions. The helmet has a comfortable, adjustable leather liner and a strong chin-strap with buckle. Standard Adult Size fully wearable. 

Approx Circumference: 24 inches
Inclusions: Leather liner with chin strap
Material : 16 Gauge Steel

Note: **
Please use Helmet cotton cap (inner) for comfortable wearing. 
Use Helmet Stand for the good protection of helmet.
The Helmet comes pre oiled for protection from rust. 
Please use dry cloth to clean OR keep it under the Sun for a day for the excess oil to dry out.

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