Medieval 18 Gauge Shoulder Plates Battle Ready

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Medieval 18 Gauge Shoulder Plates Battle Ready

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Warrior Shoulder plates are a set of two shoulder guards with spaulders, pauldrons and besagues. The spaulders have five ridged metal plates-or lames--overlaying one another to provide laminate protection of the upper arms. Besauges (small round convex metal shields) tied onto the spaulders with leather cords add further protection to the armpits. Each plate is treated with Steel Metal coat, which gives the armor a rugged, Steel finish. The shoulder plates are fastened with leather straps around the biceps and at the shoulder blade, attaching to a breast- and backplate. breast- and backplates can be purchased separately and have fittings for mounting the shoulders.


Item Type: Iron Steel 
Approx. Length : 14 inches
Approx. Width .12 inches

Circumference At elbow : minimum 10 inches Maximum 13 inches
Crafted from Quality 18 Gauge Steel
Finish : Blackened

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