Medieval 14 Gauge Bascinet Steel Helmet

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Medieval 14 Gauge Bascinet Steel Helmet

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The Bascinet Helmet appears in Italy at the turn of the thirteenth century. The word "bazineto" appears in a Paduan document dated 1281 to describe a type of helmet used by the city infantry. It was originally an evolution of the brain, from which it is distinguished by the pointed tile, which was quickly used to replace the too bulky large helmet. At the base of the evolution there was, perhaps, the influence on the work of the Italian armory of oriental helmet models: Byzantine or Turkish.. Standard Adult Size fully wearable.

Approx. Circumference: 26 inches
Inclusions: Leather chin strap
Material : 14 Gauge Mild Steel

Note: **
Please use Helmet cotton cap (inner) for comfortable wearing. 
Use Helmet Stand for the good protection of helmet.
The Helmet comes pre oiled for protection from rust.
Please use dry cloth to clean OR keep it under the Sun for a day for the excess oil to dry out.

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