High Collar Titanium Chain Mail Hauberk Chest 40

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High Collar Titanium Chain Mail Hauberk Chest 40

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Ring Size: 18 Gauge 9 MM

Production Chest: 50 Inch
A comfort fit for someone with Actual Chest 40 Inch

Sleeve Length from Armpit: 20 Inch
Sleeve Circumference: 20 Inch
Length from Shoulder: 36 Inch
Finish: Original Titanium Finish
Riding slit front and back 12"
Leather edging (Complete: Neck, Wrist and Bottom)

Note: Closed shape neck with 3" of collar, tied at the back with leather lace, leather edged.
The neck will have opening of 28 inches, It will give a "V" cut so it is not too wide at the neck.
V cut & closing of collar at the back of the neck.
2-3 no of leather strings to adjust the neck from back.
The collar once closed would be around 22 inches.

Extras: Add Optional Customization to your product & make it standout by choosing below options.

  • Add Brass Trim for superior look
  • Add Leather Edges
  • Add a riding split to this hauberk for comfort leg movement
  • Choose tapering of Sleeves
  • Add Integrated Coif
  • Add Mail Mittens, Leather OR Chain Mail based

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