Functional Full Suits of Armour Plate Armor

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Functional Full Suits of Armour Plate Armor

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A fully articulated and wearable full-harness in the Gothic style of the late 15th century featuring long pointed sabatons and elegantly smooth transitions between each piece. Included with this suit of armor is a beautiful octagonal wooden display stand, allowing for the prominent display of this magnificent historical recreation.


Item Type: Iron Steel 
Height: 6 Feet
A Fully Functional, Wearable Suit of Plate Armor
Crafted from Quality 18 Gauge Steel
Has an Impressive Polished Metal Finish
Great for Medieval Reenactments, Mock Battles, or LARP Events
A Fantastic Collectible, Display Item, or Gift Idea
Fully articulated
Wooden base and stand included
Weigh Approx 24 lbs
Comes with gauntlets, pauldrons (or spaulders), vambraces, couters, sabatons (foot armor), greaves (to protect shins) and gorget, sometimes called a neckguard Suits of armour had various uses.

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