Cabasset Miniature 18 Gauge Steel Helmet

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Cabasset Miniature 18 Gauge Steel Helmet

This product has a minimum quantity of 5

Cabasset helmets were worn by medieval fighters light cavalry and infantry soldiers in Europe during the civil war in the 16th and 17th century. Discovered at Jamestown the helmets is constructed with 2 pieces of iron with rivets installed above the brim. This is a perfect gifting piece & can be used as a decorative item.

Material: Mild Steel with Brass ordination
Front to Back : 8 cm
Ear to Ear: 8 cm
Approx. Height : 6.5 cm
Hand crafted from steel and brass
Helmet Stand: 1 pcs included
Quantity: Total 5 pcs and 5 wooden stand in the box

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