9 mm Full Flat Dome Riveted Ring Maille Skirt

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  • Product Code: 9 mm Full Flat Dome Riveted Ring Maille Skirt
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9 mm Full Flat Dome Riveted Ring Maille Skirt

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Ring Size: 18 Gauge 9 MM

Maille Skirt with 2 choice of design at the bottom helm. 9 mm ring size in 18 gauge wire, all ring is Flat Dome Riveted available in choice of finish.

The maille skirt is available under various tying options. You can buy in form of open sheet to tie under own arrangement or additionally choose a closed version by selecting number of fastener to be put on the side OR a leather & thread version. Upon selecting additional option for installing fasteners / or thread with leather, a stitched version of maille skirt will be sent.

Important Note: Waist sizes are given under additional option, we measure our maille products  in form of sheets fully stretched flat on ground, it is recommended that you cater for additional room while ordering. Example our 28 inches waist skirt may end up 26-27 inches once produced. Although small adjustments can be done by cutting a larger slit at the side or by adjusting fastener / buckles at your end.     

Top waist line circumference: Choose from options
Length of Skirt: 15-16 Inch
Bottom Circumference: 10 inches extra from waist size for leg movement, for example of you choose waist size 36, a 46 inch bottom circumference will be made similarly a 48 inch waist will have 58 inch bottom circumference for leg movement. 
Finish: Two Finish to Choose from

Extras: Add Optional Customization to your product & make it standout by choosing below options.

  • Add Leather Fasteners on side for tying
  • Add Thread & Leather on side for tying
  • Add Leather Edges

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